Revenants Series

Ryan Sherwood's Revenants Series

Revenants are ghosts, vampires, zombies, angels and demons all rolled into one new creature. Explore the whole new undead world of the revenant from the revenant's view.

"This, the first in a series, is seriously good...this is an immaculately presented, well constructed story, but most importantly it is a hugely entertaining read." - Truth About Books   Read Full Review

  • Revenants: Before the Watch - Prequel

    The darkest secrets never stay buried. Sink your teeth into this short story prequel "Before the Watch" that kicks off the much anticipated series Revenants.

  • Revenants: Fallen Savior - Book 1

    All that is undead is Revenant and the genre will never be the same. Fallen Savior is the first in an epic series of the reinvention of the undead in which the soul can heal, destroy, Haunt, Harness and much more.
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  • Revenants: Haunted - Book 2

    The war for the soul claims its first victims. Targeted and on the run, Ezra joins the small separatist Luciens to keep safe from the murderous might of the Holous. As the ancient and magical history of revenant-kind is opening up to him, he desperately tries to stay ahead of current sweeping war, malevolent revenants and his old teacher’s plots. Ezra must also discover his history as well as his former might for a chance to fulfill his fate. All souls depend on it, especially his.