Hold the Light

Ryan Sherwood's Hold the Light

"...Sherwood's novel is both ambitious and offers an original take on the age-old 'Grim Reaper' theology..."   Read Full Review

  • Hold the Light

    The lineage of reapers begins in the hands of a madman. Mural, driven by love and loss, starves to reclaim the gift he foolishly lost more than two centuries ago and will murder all in his way to get it back. Orphaned in the Great Depression, Randy lives as the second reaper in the lineage of Death, fighting that curse at every turn, desperately trying to salvage any vestige of humanity left within him. Yet with each soul he takes, he loses a bit of his own. As a runaway, George knows how to retreat, yet he cannot avoid becoming the third in line to collect souls. Unable to run any longer, George must finally face his fear and learn to use Death against an indestructible killer before all souls are lost.
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