Welcome, I'm Ryan Sherwood and I write novels

I'm a big fan of zombies, comic books, horror, dark sci-fi & fantasy and even literature (can be darker than horror!), as you will see in my books. Yet, I want to help keep genre fiction honest and create stories that build something new and challenging to concepts, not just rehashing someones good idea from a century ago.

Fun side fact: I designed all my book covers and website, as I am a UI/UX & web designer by day and author by night (ok, maybe sleeper too). Best time to write dark fantasy/horror books probably is the night anyway. You tell me - write a review on Amazon and/or Nook and share your thoughts with everyone!
Here, read some:

You've found your spot for speculative fiction.

Read some reviews of my novels and check out the New Writing Projects progress bars below to see the new stories I'm working on, and if I'm making progressing on them or slacking.


  • Hold the Light - "...Sherwood's novel is both ambitious and offers an original take on the age-old 'Grim Reaper' theology..." Read More


  • Revenants - "This, the first in a series, is seriously good...this is an immaculately presented, well constructed story, but most importantly it is a hugely entertaining read." Read More


New Writing Projects Progress

New Hard Sci-Fi Novel (100% Complete)
New Fantasy Horror Novel (100% Complete)
Futurist Artist Short Story (100% Complete)

New Writing Projects Details

New Hard Sci-Fi Novel I wrote this novel in 2016 and am looking forward to a response from a publisher.

New Fantasy Horror Novel I wrote this novel in 2016 and am looking for its right home.

Futurist Artist Short Story

I wrote a roughly 8,000 word story of an artist, his battles between his biggest critic, and how life shapes art.